Self awareness

Self evaluation and acceptance

Personal Development Plan

Comprehensive 5 year goal-setting

Effective Connections

Conflict resolution and bonding


Pursuing your social cause and building your tribe


Coach credentials

Khawaja Saud Masud started Share, Learn & Grow (SLG) in early 2020 with the intent to assist friends and family members navigate the adversity posed by Coronavirus pandemic. Prior to 2020, he coached and mentored several clients and students across various life coaching mandates including developing self awareness, identifying passion paths, mindful career planning, inculcating tolerance and compassion, and adopting a growth mindset. SLG, now Hopeistan, has grown to around 300 members worldwide and has professionals, entrepreneurs, athletes, single parents, students, artists and many more. Serving the diverse community with its varying needs and supporting individuals, couples and community platforms has been an immensely rewarding and enlightening experience. Even more exciting is witnessing Hopeistanis become impactivists in their communities and drawing meaning and deep fulfillment from those connections as well.

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